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Things to do in Guyana

Guyana is a unique destination for all informed tourists. It boasts several natural landscapes and a wide range of activities.

Nature Resorts and Ranches

The wonders of nature abound in Guyana. Starting with the amazing phenomenon of changing colors in Guyana’s coastal waters to a beautiful blend of black and blue waters, you are practically mesmerized. The initial brown waters gradually acquiring a darker color as you approach the more inward rivers and creeks.

There are numerous attractions in Guyana.  Firstly, the white colonial Gingerbread cottages are a delight to behold.  The rich forest birdlife in the Skanklands is another delight of nature. Also, the Gazebo on Kaow Island lies beyond the Shanklands is must see.

If you intend to visit Guyana, do not forget to book a Rock View Ecotourism tour; a graceful remains of an old ranch from the 1950s. You will also be delighted by the Dadanawa ranch located in the Southern Rupununi rainforests. Canopy Walkway and the Pakaraima mountains would certainly impress mountain climbers. It is important to book early in order to ensure a place reserved to view these amazing venues.


Guyana is home to four of the eight species of sea turtles. The Almond Beach is one of a kind in the world!

Your trip to Guyana would be incomplete without it. The Brilliant Scarlet Ibis where the Shell Beach resides is another must-see.  Tourists also find the Courantyne boasts of the so-called No. 63 beach very attractive and you are welcome to share the experience.

Others beaches to choose from include the Saxacalli Beach and the Essequibo, Mazaruni rivers, Kaieteur National Park and the popular Kaieteur Falls. The Kaieteur Falls favorably compares with the Niagara Falls and Victoria Falls in both beauty and grandeur.


Historical Sites

One of the reasons why Guyana remains a popular tourist attraction is its historical sites.

The Dutch fort ruins are a good place to start your tour. Then you can let the excitement grow as you visit the gold-mining town of Bartica aptly described as ‘the gateway to the interior’.

If you are a high-tech freak then you might like to include Santa Mission in your itineraryGeorgetown houses the airport and the Yarwkabra Nature Trail- owned and managed by the Forestry Commission. Other must-see sites in Guyana include the Law Courts and State House, St George’s Cathedral, Botanical Gardens and Zoo spanning a whopping 120 acres!

The Cultural Centre in Guyana is arguably the best theatre in the Caribbean. Of course there are other attractions including the Walter Roth Anthropological Museum and the Natural History Museum with its great stock of artifacts displaying all aspects of culture and life in Guyana.

What more? Choose between activities like camping treks, cricket, hockey, white-water rafting, hiking and bird watching.

With its rich blend of nature and culture, Guyana is your one-stop tourist centre. Welcome!!


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